Vintage Handkerchief White w/Lavender Floral Design & Drawnwork Hand Embroidered #17Zoom

Vintage Handkerchief White w/Lavender Floral Design & Drawnwork Hand Embroidered #17

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Vintage Handkerchief White w/Lavender Floral Design & Drawn work #17

Available for 2 lines of embroidery only. Name & date or something small.

Wow! This handkerchief is stunning! Four corner embroidery with the trademark three dots in three corners and a large floral design in one corner. The threads used to create this unique hanky are lavender, light lavender, mint green, white, yellow, light brown and blue. There is an elaborate floral design with a pattern of drawn work with a finished edge in blue. I sometimes wonder how long it took to hand embroider an item this, truly amazing.

Fabric: Cotton Size Approx. 12" x 12" Hand Embroidered No Obvious Flaws

For the love of hankys. A piece of cloth, just a little bit of history, embellished in some way or another, some by hand, some by machine - all lovely. A mystery, where did you come from, what have you seen, how many tears of joy, excitement or sadness have you held.

All of the handkerchiefs we sell as vintage have been sold to us as vintage. We do not claim to be handkerchief specialists, as a matter of fact it has been rather hard to find detailed information on our handkerchiefs. We do deal with handkerchiefs on a daily basis in our regular business therefore we can identify what many of the current styles are. Identifying the fabric for the hanky is a little hard, please note I am offering my best uneducated guess as to what I think the fabric is. I will also list whether I believe the item to be hand made or machine made. For the most part each of our vintage hankys are unique. There are a few that we have more than one of, those will be sold as a set.

All of our vintage hankys have been cleaned & sanitized with a solution of baking soda, cream of tartar and boiling water as it was done in the olden days. We air dry our vintage hankys so as not to cause them damage. They are pressed by hand. We have inspected the handkerchiefs thoroughly and will make mention of any defects however minor.

Some of our vintage hankys will be available for embroidered personalization some will not. This decision will be made based on how well we feel the handkerchiefs can hold up to the embroidery process. We will still keep the embroidery to a minimum. Name and a date at the most.

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