Crochet and Lace Trimmed Custom Embroidered Lace Handkerchiefs

White & Bridal Ivory Guipure Lace Ladies Wedding Handkerchief
Elegant Four Corners Floral Guipure Lace White Wedding Handkerchief
Stunning Four Corners 100% Cotton Bridging Lace White Wedding Handkerchief
Elegant White Lace 100% Cotton Halo & Eyelet Wedding Handkerchief
Nosegay Hand Made Bobbin Lace and 100% Linen Handkerchief
Seaside Lace Hankerchief Ivory or White Personalize with Embroidery
Crinoline Lady Lace Handkerchief Personalize Me
Madonna Hand Made Bobbin Lace 100% Cotton Ladies Handkerchief
Ashley May Hand Made Bobbin Lace Handkerchief
Country Manor Lace Handkerchief  White or Ivory Personalize with Embroidery
Regal Lace White Cotton Ladies Handkerchief Beautiful Lace Trim
Ladies'  Linen Garden Design Handkerchief
White Linen Bridal Dress Lace Handkerchief
Bonnie Lace Handkerchiefs Blue, Yellow, Pink, White Personalize Me
Park Avenue Handkerchief  White or Ivory Personalize with Embroidery
Lace Handkerchief - Ivory Personalize with Embroidery
Wild Rose Lace Handkerchief White
Chapel Lace Cotton Lace Edge Handkerchief
Lace Handkerchief - White
Audrey Grace Fan White Lace Handkerchief
Princess Lace Handkerchief White 100% Cotton
Garden Party White Lace Handkerchief
Beautiful White or Ivory Shell Lace Handkerchief Personalize Me
Stunning White Linen Cathedral Lace Wedding Handkerchief
Christine Hand Made Bobbin Lace 100% Cotton Ladies Handkerchief
White Rose Floral Lace Bridal Handkerchief 3" Lace Border
White, Pink or Blue Cotton Ladies Handkerchief with Embroidery & Lace
White German Guipure Lace Stunning Wedding Handkerchief
Bridal Rose Lace White Handkercheif 1-7/8 Lace Trim
White Rose Lace Bridal Handkerchief 1-3/8 in Lace Trim
White Cotton Lace Trimmed Handkerchief
White Cotton Handkerchief Swiss Embroidery with Cutwork
White German Guipure Lace Wedding Special Occasion Handkerchief
Ladies White Crocheted Lace Wedding Handkerchief
White Ladies Sunrise Lace Handkerchief 100% cotton
Imported Irish Linen with Shamrock Lace Handkerchief
Beautiful High Quality White with Pink or Blue Tipped Crochet Lace Handkerchief
White Trellis Lace Ladies Wedding Handkerchief 12 x 12
Beautiful White Crocheted Lace Wide Border Ladies' Handkerchief
Delicate White Lace 100% Cotton Bridal Handkerchief
Please Note: Most of our orders ship from our location in 7-10 business days. Intricate custom or larger orders may take longer. Thanks so much for your patience.

Plain items (unembroidered or clearance) ship in 2 business days.

Many of our items are shown with optional embroidery - items do not include embroidery unless otherwise stated.

Font & Thread Color Choices Fonts & Thread Colors

Monograms can be done in one of two ways, aBc indicates that you want a traditional monogram style embroidery (the last name is usually the middle initial and will be larger than the other two letters, all letters will be done in caps unless otherwise stated by the customer.

ABC indicates that you want all the initials the same size and that the order you put them in is the way you want them embroidered.

Note: Embroidered items are considered to be custom orders and, as such, are not returnable unless the mistake is due to HANCOCK'S EMBROIDERY error. Please double-check size and color choices before you order. Sale items are non-refundable.