Cotton Prefold Diaper  2 x 5 plyZoom

Cotton Prefold Diaper 2 x 5 ply

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They are all the rage! Soft, 100% Cotton prefolded diapers are the perfect blank canvas for creation of your custom burp pads!! We searched until we found the cloth diaper specifically recommended for embellishment by embroidery professionals.

Quality material and nicely finished edges make these the clear choice. These prefolded diapers are a very generous size measuring approx 14.5" x 21" and are a 2 ply x 5 ply x 2 ply thickness which allows them lay flat for your embellishments yet still offer great absorbancy. They are a beautiful bright white soft woven cotton unlike the "gauze" type that tend to "bunch up" with the first wash. Let your creativity show!

Sorry, Bear not included!!
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